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Non-Recourse Funding


The funding we can provide is predominantly "non-recourse".  Non-recourse advances and their fees need to be repaid only when money received after the cases have settled or are won.

Law Firm Funding


Large, international and national law firms to boutique and solo practices are leveraging litigation funding to increase revenue, manage costs, and reduce risk.


We can facilitate funding against expected fees for a single case or against a number of cases, depending on the needs of the firm.

Case Studies


Click here to request a case study for law firms.


Click here to request a case study for businesses.

Settled Cases


We can obtain non-recourse advances against the expected proceeds or fees from settled cases of virtually all types.

Business Litigation Funding


The non-recourse nature of litigation funding helps corporate legal departments and business owners pursue valuable claims despite budget limitations or the disparity of resources between the parties.

​Commercial Case Types
  • Intellectual Property (Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret)
  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Torts
  • Equitable Recoveries
  • Securities and Consumer Fraud
Personal Injury Cases


In very limited instances, we can provide advances for personal injury cases involving serious harm.


Types of personal injury cases we may fund:

  • defective drugs or products

  • aviation/airplane crashes

  • wrongful death

  • trucking and automobile collisions

  • premises liability (NO slip and fall on ice)


You must be represented by an attorney, and the injuries must be substantial (more than soft tissue) where surgery and medical treatment are well-documented.


Click here to request an application for a personal injury funding advance.

We provide funding advances for a single case or a portfolio of cases.

Lines of Credit and Buyouts


We offer a number of other financing options including lines of credit.  We can also arrange for the buyout or refinancing of existing lines of credit or financing.

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