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Delivering Value

Case Packaging and Presentation to Investors

In our consultations, several litigators from some of the country's 50 largest law firms were excited to hear that we packaged and presented cases to investors for review. 


In the past, these litigators had the responsibility to create PowerPoint presentations and make "sales pitches" to funders with whom they had no prior relationships.  Clearly this was a misallocation of talents and resources - the time and effort expended by these litigators preparing for their pitches would have been better spent generating revenue by representing clients or bringing in new business.  


Instead, we know how to properly package the cases.  We know how to make compelling presentations to investors.  We have existing relationships with these investors, so they can rely on us to bring them cases worthy of their time and resources, and we are more likely to have the case approved for funding.


In short, we do the work necessary to effectively bring cases to the investors and are more likely to obtain funding.  We also allow the  attorneys to focus on their core competencies and generate more revenue.

Pricing and Structuring Deals

Another firm went directly to a funder with a request.  The repayment terms presented by the funder were:

  1. 1st year repayment = 3x the amount of the advance

  2. 2nd year repayment = 3.5x

  3. 3rd year = 4x

On the other hand, the terms we regularly negotiate are 2.2x the amount of the advance in the 2nd year. 


Assuming a $5M advance and repayment in the 2nd year, we would save $6.5M, far exceeding any fees we might charge. 


We work hard to structure deals that are beneficial for everyone involved, resulting in greater satisfaction and often overall cost savings.

Disclaimer:  The examples given are intented to be illustrative only and not a representation that similar results will be realized in all cases.  Each case and situation is different, with different results.  Contact us for a consultation about your specific case and circumstances.

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