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Continuing Legal Education

At Summit Legal Resources LLC, we support the legal community we serve through high-quality, informative CLE presentations.  We welcome opportunities to work with bar associations and affinity organizations.  Additionally, we can tailor CLE programming to be presented in law firms or legal departments, often as part of career development efforts.  Depending on the circumstances, we may even be able to offer CLE programs free of charge.  Please contact us today for more information.

Commercial Litigation and Law Firm Funding Survey, Updates, and Recent Developments
CLE, Thursday, December 15 2016, 12-3:15 pm
Philadelphia Bar Association
Lunch Included
PA, NJ, and DE Credits

Third-party financing is rapidly expanding and is being employed by litigants and law firms of all sizes.  Stay current with developments in common law, discovery limitations, and ethical responsibilities, especially in light of recent decisions in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Learn more at the Commercial Litigation and Law Firm Funding Survey, Updates, and Recent Developments CLE presentation Thursday, December 15 from 12 to 3:15 pm at the Philadelphia Bar Association, 1101 Market Street, 11th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107.  Register now.

Attorneys representing business clients and corporate counsel need to know how non-recourse funding works, and how meritorious claims can be used as a financing vehicle to manage firm, corporate and legal department budgets, and reduce the risk of loss.

This three hour session (2 hour substantive, 1 hour ethics are valid in PA, NJ, and DE) covers:

  • The emergence of third-party litigation funding,

  • The current legal environment and recent legal developments including the WFIC (McKissock/Polymer Dynamics) case from the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Charge Injection Technology decisions from the Delaware Supreme Court,

  • Ethical considerations, and

  • Practical advice using case studies.

Commercial Litigation and Law Firm Funding Survey, Updates, and Recent Developments
2 hour substantive, 1 hour ethics


The Philadelphia Bar Association is proud introduce this brand new course.  Co-presented with Summit Legal Resources, LLC, Nationwide Litigation Funding, Inc., and Connolly Gallagher, LLP, this course addresses the emergence of third-party litigation funding, the current legal environment and recent legal developments, ethical considerations, as well as, practical advice using case studies. Recent developments in Pennsylvania include the Appeal of Bruce McKissock in the WFIC/Polymer Dynamics case regarding champerty.  Other recent developments include the successful litigation of third-party funding related issues by Ryan Newell of Connolly Gallagher in the Delaware courts in the Charge Injection Technology case.  The course is designed to help civil litigators, law firm management, in-house counsel, and business clients understand the potential value and challenges of third-party lawsuit funding. Register here.

The Philadelphia Bar Association - your partner in justice - is a new provider of Continuing Legal Education to lawyers across the region.  Look to them as your convenient, low-cost provider for CLE programs on the latest issues, legislation and regulations.  Take advantage of their full calendar of CLE courses taught by leaders of the profession - with a level of quality and service that has become a hallmark of America's first bar association.

For more information about this course and other CLEs offered by the Philadelphia Bar Association, please visit their website or contact Tara D. Phoenix by email or 215.238.6349.  Discover the advantages of Philadelphia Bar Association membership by clicking here.


For information about Nationwide Litigation Funding, Inc., click here.  For more information about Connolly Gallagher, click here.

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